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ReadyToTest.com is pleased to offer the following study guides/materials, designed to help you prepare for the written and/or oral exams typically used for drug and alcohol credentialing (ICRC, NAADAC, and most state-specific examinations). Simply choose the materials best suited for your individual needs. Orders are processed with 48 business hours of the receipt of your order and shipped by USPS Priority Mail service, which typically take 3-5 days for delivery.  If you are in need of faster delivery, please contact our office at 866 431-4240 and ask about other options (overnight delivery is available for an additional shipping charge).

Not sure which study materials are best for your needs?  Give us a call at 866 431-4240 - we'll be happy to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: ReadyToTest materials are ONLY AVAILABLE in hard copy format that will be mailed to you, with the exception of our online exam T405. Since we use a single cart system for both our ReadyToTest.com and DLCAS.com services, you may see an option for internet materials. Again, this option is NOT available for ReadyToTest.com study guides, only the T405 online sample exam.


Getting Ready To Test (M404SUP): A Supplemental Review/Preparation Manual for the IC&RC Advanced Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Credentialing Examination


A Supplemental Guide for the Advanced ADC Examination - Revised May 2012 - AVAILABLE IN HARD COPY FORMAT ONLY

The materials in this manual are offered as a supplement to our Getting Ready to Test: A Review/Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Examinations and is specifically geared towards content and information related to the two additional domains of information that are included for those counselors who are planning to take the Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) Credentialing ExaminationIt is NOT designed as a stand-alone product, but rather will add information on the two domains that are not covered by the larger Getting Ready to Test manual. 

This supplement also includes a 25-questions sample examination with questions that focus on the two additional domains covered by the Advanced AODA examination. 

When used with the larger Getting Ready to Test manual, we feel confident that it will assist you in your preparation for the 150-question advanced exam offered by IC&RC.


Getting Ready To Test (W401): The Written Examination


A "How to Take the Written Test" manual. 


This review manual includes information on the structure of the IC&RC exam (used by most states), information and tips on test taking, and information on how to best prepare for your exam.  It includes a 75-question sample exam,  along with a scoring key and content review to help you determine if there are any areas of weakness that would require additional study/review. It also contains information on the new IC&RC test format, and includes samples of the new clinical knowledge questions - critical "need-to-know" information when sitting for this exam.


Getting Ready To Test (T405): Online Sample Exam


We've prepared a 50-question sample online exam to give you a feel for taking the Basic Alcohol and Drug Counselor Written Credentialing Exam.  This test is composed of questions that are similar in construction to the IC&RC and NAADAC exams used for the basic drug/alcohol credential.  By taking the exam online you'll get instant results and will be able to review each question on an explanation page that describes the questions, identifies the content area they cover, and points out test taking tips to make your exam experience a success.  Though not specific to the other credentials, it can never-the-less provide you with an understanding of the style and format of questions that are asked on any of the exams administered by IC&RC and NAADAC.


Getting Ready To Test (O402): The Oral Examination


A "How to Take the Oral Test" manual. 

Includes information on the structure of both the ICRC and NAADAC oral exams, information on writing your case history, and information on how to prepare your answers in advance of the exam.  Newly revised to include IC&RC scoring information.  Materials also include sample responses to each of the oral exam questions to assist you in preparing your own responses. 


Getting Ready To Test (CS405): A Review and Preparation Manual for the Written Clinical Supervisor Exam


HARD COPY FORMAT ONLY: REVISED - MAY 2012.  More than just a "how to take the exam" - this manual contains more than 100 pages of content review information designed to help counselors who are preparing for the Certified Clinical Supervisor credential (CCS).  Developed for ReadyToTest.com by Dr. David Powell, this unique, self-guided manual is designed to help refresh and enhance your knowledge on many of the major, need-to-know areas of information from the content domains established for the CCS examination.  It includes a 50-question sample written exam, designed to make you feel more comfortable with actual exam.  While the manual cannot guarantee success in passing your exams, it can provide needed resources to assist you in your preparation. 

The manual includes information in the following areas:  Definitions of Clinical Supervision; The Blended Model of Supervision; Clinical Supervision vs. Case Management; Problems and Concerns in Supervision; Traits of an Effective Supervisor; Legal and Ethical Issues

PLEASE NOTE:  Thirty-three test questions on the 150-question clinical supervision center on treatment knowledge, which is NOT included in the content review materials found in the study guide.  We recommend you visit this website and review CSATís Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs) that focus on this information.  These materials can be found, free of charge, at this website: